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Z.M.O.T. – Zero Moment of Truth?


What is ZMOT?  Google it!  Never mind I’ll just tell you.

ZMOT – That’s when the customer (buyers) decides to:

  1. Come to your dealership!
  2. Call your dealership!
  3. Contact you by email!

It’s a buyer telling you he or she is ready to meet you and have you fill their needs and want and they are ready buy a vehicle!  It’s the moment of truth!!!

Today’s dealers mistakenly still refer to these customers as “Leads” or “UPS”, they not Leads or UPS they are “Buyers”.

Some reading may say I’m crazy.

“If you change the way you look at things; things will begin to change.”

Do you know what happens before they come in, call or contact you?

The spend 18.5 hours online, BEFORE ZMOT.

18.5 hours before you or your staff ever see them, here their voices or get an email.

You see years ago before the internet and when newspaper ruled they weren’t “buyers” they were “ups”, “phone ups” and “leads”.   We just haven’t changed our mindset.  Suggest to you maybe we should.


What you now know is today buyers go to only 1.4 dealership.        Meaning if you don’t sell that buyer when they contact you the next guy 100% will.  It’s just math.

If they contact you they are buyers!

We can get them to contact you as we know what they are doing for the 18.5 hours before you do.

Ok…….we know everything and thus we can have them to your dealership at ZMOT!

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