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The Next 2 Years: How We Grow With You

As a successful auto dealership executive, you already appreciate that maintaining your industry lead and competitive edge takes continually attracting qualified customers who are ready to buy. No earth shattering revelations there. But what’s changing — at the speed of an electron — is how you can find and market to those customers.


Customers engage via multiple devices and in numerous ways. Understanding the customer journey and building a solid marketing plan that engages the customer at each step of the buying journey is essential.

That’s where Client Command® comes in. We use the latest data-gathering technology and analysis to identify and reach the best in-market customers and pre-qualify them with our unique, comprehensive lead nurturing system. Using 177 algorithms to identify buyers and where they are in their journey is how we guarantee results. Not only do we use your database we search multiple databases and target buyers.

A gun shot approach is never as effective as highly targeting and marketing to buyers by offering the right message at the right time. We are especially thrilled about our direction and the investments we are making in our people and platforms. Our dealership marketing programs now include:

  • A plan to personalize and optimize customer journeys to target customers at the right time.
  • Test messaging and promotions to determine the best conversion rate and highest ROI
  • Highly targeted messaging and conversion optimized landing pages that drive sales
  • Effective, permission based email marketing. 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission based marketing communication via email than any other channel.*
  • Relevant, targeted content that nurtures loyal relationships and helps close more sales.


The Client Command® system is proven and comprehensive. We continually fine tune by keeping abreast of new techniques and software and applying them to our process. We are voracious about generating leads that turn into sales.

Results are continually measured to ensure the most effective lead-generation methods and strongest returns. The Client Command® team includes experts who are among the most skillful in their fields. They excel at what counts most: sourcing quality leads that translate into sales.

We understand that effective marketing depends on a thorough knowledge of the automotive marketing industry. That’s why we stay informed on relevant issues such as new laws and proposed legislation, market case studies, gasoline prices, new car features, and more. Then we leverage this learning to adjust our marketing software and messaging. The bottom line: we take advantage of the latest industry changes so you get the most relevant leads possible.

We know how important it is that we learn about your target customer and dealership. We listen carefully to your input on how we can serve you better. It’s truly a partnership. We’ll use our data to assist you in developing client profiles, determining your highest value and most frequent customers, and when current customers will be ready to buy again.

The result? Working with Client Command®, you enjoy the best lead generation — and strategic marketing tool that technology can provide. It’s a proven system tailored around the particular needs of your dealership, and it delivers results. Guaranteed. Every time.

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