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The most sell able Service Contract in the marketplace, period!

In 2013 – Our clients sold 68% of their customers a Service Contract, on Non CPO used cars!
In all likelihood your present penetrations for those vehicle (NON CPO) is likely far less than than 68%
There is no other product in the marketplace that is as sell able and we cover cars less than 10 year old and less than 100K at POS. That covers 95% of a new car franchises inventory.
The reason is new car coverage for used cars and CUSTOMERS love the coverage and F&I makes more money.
WHY?? FACT: Used car buyers have a real concern that they are buying someones old problem, don’t they?
In 2013 we paid $500,000 in claims, all at retail and all by credit card
Safe and Secure 37 Year Old Company, with A Rated insurer (Assurant) and Admin Obligor
Better warranty
Better sales!
Better Mousetrap!

If your not at 68%, and would like to be then maybe we should talk.

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