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The End of Truecar? Maybe…

When Truecar first burst onto the scene, some thought it was a good idea. Only paying for delivered customers sounded much better than the ocean of junk leads being sold back then. 

Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before ridiculous pricing practices caused lots of backlash. Then in 2011, for various reasons things got even uglier. I’m talking legal battles and a mass exodus of dealers. It got so bad in fact, the number of dealers using Truecar dropped from 5600 in 2011, to barely 3,600 by March 2012. After taking a $75,000,000 blood bath, CEO Scott Painter was forced to make some major changes.

Fast forward to 2014 and most dealers say they’re only paying for it now because Truecar has found a way to become part of every buying service on earth. Including major insurance companies, Credit Unions, USAA, AARP, Consumer reports, the list is endless.Unfortunately most dealers haven’t gained any market share from it, they just fear losing business to the guy down the street.
So another blood sucker get’s rich on the backs of those putting in the crazy hours, and all the dealer get’s is another huge bill each month (and their gross chopped) for deals they would have often times gotten anyway.

Here’s a challenge to anyone using Truecar:

Don’t be scared, try something better next month.

Take whatever you normally spend on Truecar, multiply it by 400% and that’s what you could be earning while actually gaining new, predictable, measurable, amounts of market share.

Just Imagine being able to:

1. Pick how many NEW CONQUEST customers you want upfront each month.

2. Controlling the gross and working each deal properly. Only take deals you want!

3. Only paying for delivered Sold customers (like a bird dog only cheaper)

4. Never paying for someone that would have purchased anyway, or that was active in your DMS/CRM.

In conclusion,

I think we all know Truecar isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and for some that’s fine. What we do isn’t right for everyone either. That being said, if your not a huge fan or if you’re tired of spending all that money and not seeing the returns you were promised, you don’t have to sit around and complain about it.

As Grant Cardone likes to say, don’t be a “victim”!

Stop wasting money and take control of your rightful share of the market. I’m talking aboutgetting an entire extra months worth of deals every 6 months and deals with some real meat left on the bone!

If any of this sounds interesting, let me know and I’ll be happy to share all the details.

Thanks for reading and have a great month!

Chris Pyle

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