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Taking Marketing Off-Road

People who know me will tell you: I look at life as one big adventure. I mean, what’s the use of doing the same old, same old?  That’s why I’m always looking for ways to push the limits and discover something new. Otherwise, I’ll end up right next to everyone else, right? Where’s the thrill in that?

Personally, I’d much rather stand out than blend in. Enjoy more time four-wheeling and less time in the proverbial family sedan. Find new ways to reach my goals, instead of just following the directions.

Whether it’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, skiing, or backwoods hiking, I’m always intrigued by what’s just ahead and out of reach. Uncharted, off-road territory keeps on calling my name, with the tantalizing promise of something great.


I look at business the same way. If you stick to the same old path everyone follows, you’ll never know how far you could go. That’s true in my personal life – and in business. Mixing things up can mean amazing results. But you’re unlikely to find them if you spend all your time playing it super safe.

Why not follow your heart and head out for a little uncharted, off-road marketing territory that you’ve never explored before. Remember: even if you’re not out front trying new things and ways to reach your potential customers, your competition most certainly is.

See, routine may be safe, but it’s also predictable. That’s a dangerous place to be. You should never settle for “the way it’s always been.”  Good news: with Client Command®, you don’t have to make do with the same old, same old. Our system offers so many ways to test new territory and find better ways to work.

You see, data points work just like points on the compass. They can tell you where your business is today, and exactly where you should head next. You just need to learn to read the signs. The data will tell you where to go next: where to find the best targets, where to focus your marketing budget. The thrill is finding those opportunities and taking them on like new adventures.

Think of it like this. Every new test is a chance to find a new, better way to connect with your potential buyers. Down the road, that new, better way could mean a lot of money in your pocket, and a stronger dealership. Why not take advantage of every tool at your disposal? Make the most of all the options in Client Command® and try something new on a regular basis.

Of course, I’m not suggesting everyone head straight for an off-road marketing makeover. (That would be like tackling a Black Diamond run before you’ve made it off the bunny slope.) But I challenge you to take a hard look at your marketing plan, and find some new, adventurous tests you can include this month and this quarter. You may just find yourself in for the greatest adventures of your career!

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