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Grant credit for higher risk customers. Accept smaller down payments. Improved ability to collect on loans. Make more profit by being able to sell higher value vehicles. Our service improves your ability to find and recover vehicles allowing you to take higher risks on the value of vehicles sold. Remind customers about payments. Our service makes repossessions easier by helping you to know where your vehicles are most likely to be.

New Car Franchise Dealers

Dealer Inventory Management

ZAZ GPS powered by SG Connected Car is a comprehensive Dealer Inventory Management system designed exclusively for new car dealerships. Our smart GPS management software enables dealers to locate inventory, manage loaner and demo inventory, prevent loss due to theft, reduce costs, increase staff efficiency and increase CSI. Other benefits include increased service  retention, eligibility for insurance discounts, reduce floorplan audits and more. Dealers receive all the above benefits plus add a strong new customer retention tool.

Customer Retention

GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System

ZAZ GPS can transform your inventory management cost into a growing revenue center that

can add hundreds of profit dollars to each sale. The ZAZ app gives consumers great connected car features such as:

  • Nationwide stolen vehicle recovery service
  • Real-time vehicle location from any PC or mobile device
    • Teen driver monitoring – know when where and how fast
  • User defined Geofence alerts when vehicle moves beyond a set range

The ZAZ app continues to generate revenue for you post sale too. The system sends mileage level alerts and notifications when a vehicle’s check engine light triggers to help bring consumers back into your dealership for service. This not only helps you increase service loyalty, but also helps to increase your CSI scores.

Matt Wells
Sr. Account Executive – ZAZ Safe Guard, BHPH GPS, Better Cars
Phone: 803-800-9799