Coaching & Methodology

At APS we understand that a sales “Process” is vital to every dealer’s success. The adage, “A good sales process beats a room full of geniuses” is especially true in the retail automotive business. We teach proven “Processes” that improve performance and maximize profits.

What makes APS Dealer Services far more effective than other alternatives available?

  • We start with the dealer principle and drive out his vision, goals and objectives and create a custom plan for each customer based on the principles’ goals.
  • We recognize what others often miss and that is your employee’s work for the dealership not for the coaching company.
  • We do not try to impose “our” processes on our customers since no single “out of the box” system is right for all dealerships/groups.


Here is what you can expect with the APS coaching process »

We establish, with the dealer principle, structured goals and objectives in a clear and quantifiable manner, that unlike other companies, is effective because it is sustainable.

We, with the dealer principles’ leadership, gain consensus that people have to work toward the stated goals everyday and everyone must be accountable toward the result. When people write their own plan to success they achieve success.

We, with the dealer principles’ leadership, formulate a plan with employees to achieve the goals and objectives outlined.

  • An “Action Plan” is established through consensus so employees “own the plan.”
  • All immediate supervisors approve the plan.
  • Rewards for success are clearly established.
  • Consequences for the shortfall performance are clearly established.
  • Results are tracked in a clear and quantifiable manner and reports are provided regularly.
  • Together we will witness measurable and sustainable growth and profitability because APS development works!

Let’s write a plan together and improve processes, profits and customer satisfaction.


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