Client Command

Stop Guessing?

Client Command is your solution.

Automotive marketing is very ineffective!  The adage of 50% is good and 50% is not effective may be accurate, however you pay for all 100%.  You are paying 100% to guess!  Either paying directly or with the use of your ad company. It’s simply a guess.

Did you know that only approximately 3% of the total able bodied customers, meaning they can actually buy a car, will do so in the next 30 days.  The best placed Cable, Broadcast TV, Radio or Print ad misses real shoppers/buyers 97% of the time!

Give us 15-30 minutes from the comfort of your office and we will totally change your view of your valuable dollars being spent.

This is what’s both topical and “the industry standard”.

Equity-mining enables dealerships to spot current customers who are in a good position to get out of the vehicle they have and into a new one for about the same monthly payment.

  • Credit reporting agencies data is dated 45-60 days and you have no idea if a customer is even in the market.

Predictive analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

  • Likelihood? It’s a better guess on a model, but still have no idea really if a prospect is in the market.

What if you could overlay the above with real time actual ACTIVE SHOPPERS and only market them?

We have very efficient and cost-effective way to deliver buyers to you.

We do this every day!

  • Across devices – 90% of connected devices
  • Across over 300 Million URLs – ALL INTERNET ACTIVITY – as an example we see real time what customers are doing across every website: meaning for example,,,,
  • When see when customers enter the market,
  • We know what stage of the process they are in.
  • Where they shop, your website or any website
  • What they are shopping year make and model,
  • How long they’ve been shopping, days, weeks and months
  • Their motivating factors
  • It is all real-time and NOT A GUESS

You too can stop guessing and spending YOUR money ineffectively as we are the ONLY provider that can deliver you real ACTIVE SHOPPERS and across out NETWORK and deliver your message!

Simply put we don’t guess with your money or ours!


Its as easy as 1-2-3 and in less than 15 minutes you too can see how to change the game forever!

1. Big Data – 60 Minutes 4:33

2. Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing 3:47

3. Meet Dan and Jenny 3:32

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  • Create immediate car sales today & a sustainable competitive advantage to control your market.
  • Reach in-market conquest car buyers who are ready to buy right now.
  • Track your entire market’s online shopping behavior & connect with car buyers before your competition.
  • Make your advertising efforts more predictable & efficient by knowing who your best customer prospects are & how to reach them.
  • Integrate your advertising with your DMS to understand the true ROI of your efforts.
  • Achieve guaranteed results. Only pay for the units we help you sell.