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The issue of deficiencies and production is NOT auto dealer specific it is BUSINESS specific. The answer FOR MORE itself comes down to checking testing and then rechecking execution process of the personnel. A leaders goals or objective should be to get their people to WORK daily to attain the goals or objective of the business.

1. Does the business owner have clear goal(s)?
2. Do the employees/departments know clearly what that is?
3. Are they empowered to solve the problem?
4. What are the specifics steps needed to resolve that issue(s)
Did the employee write the plan to solve the “issue”. Does the employee own the problem? Does the boss THEN approve the plan, and make recommendations?
5. Does the owner review and approve the plan of attack.
6. What specifically are the rewards for the WIN and what specifically are the consequences for failure.


The most important process COACHING

*5 Point Strategy to grow your own coaches

 Coaching = A training or development process

At virtually every dealership in America we routinely promote our top sales associates into management. We promoted them because they demonstrated the ability to sell cars at a high level.

Selling cars at a high level as an individual is a totally different skill set than coaching a team to perform at a high level. The two skills are actually quite opposite.

Typically two failures are about to take place: (more…)

Unique Selling Proposition

What are you doing to showcase your dealership Unique Selling Proposition?

Many dealerships in the country have something they hang their hat on.  Something they feel separates them from the competition. These are known as unique selling propositions or USP’s.    (more…)