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Analytics to Improve Retail Performance

These days, being “good” is simply not enough. Today, dealerships are more complex; markets are highly competitive; and hitting healthy margins are more difficult  than ever before. Further complicating matters, consumers have become more knowledgeable on the value of vehicles, and far less willing to compromise during the car buying process. The bottom line, managing retail operations has never been more complex and chaotic.

This means dealers are undergoing a sea change in the way it operates and data (analytics) is key for enabling that process. The ability to take data –understand it, process it, extract value from it, and take action will separate one automotive retailer from the next. A growing number of dealership groups recognize this truth, but are stymied at how best to make it happen.

Download this e-Book to learn various techniques on how Analytics is being used to improve visibility,  decision making, and performance of pre-owned retail operations.

  • Three valuable metrics being used to improve pre-owned retail decision making
  • Five cutting-edge practices helping dealers groups improve performance through the use of benchmarking
  • Strategies for competing online more successfully

Techniques for gaining deeper visibility into risks and opportunities from a group level, click below to read the white paper.

Using Analytics to Improve Retail Performance