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Pay Per SALE E-Mail Marketing

How do you acquire new leads?

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Print advertising?
Digital banner ads?
Pay per click ads?




Print and digital advertising rates are based on reach – or cost per thousand (CPM). What percentage of those myriad of impressions or readers are actually qualified leads – at the exact moment when the prospect is in the market for a vehicle? Search engine PPC ads narrow in on your target in a timely fashion, but the costs per click can accrue rapidly before a car ever drives off your lot.

What is your realistic cost per sale?


Imagine if you could pay ONLY for the advertising that WORKED? Signed on the dotted line. Title, keys, inventory, and liability … gone from your lot.

Now you can! Introducing E-Sales Conquest, the industry’s only performance-based e-mail marketing tool with a firm money-back guarantee. Indeed, we are proposing a pay per SALE marketing solution!


Here’s How It Works:



  • We analyze your market in-depth.
  • We match our double opt-in list to your target.
  • We identify and add your competitor’s customers to the list.
  • We filter out existing customers, so we’re reaching only new customers.



  • We custom-brand each email template for your campaign.
  • We build HTML links into the blast to drive traffic to your dealership’s website.
  • We contact EVERY prospect that clicks links for more info.
  • Only sales are counted toward your goal.



  • Online AdvertisingE-Sales CONQUEST traffic is verified by Google Analytics.



  • Guaranteed delivery of a sales target of 30-60 units over a 4-7 week campaign.


To find out how your dealership can qualify for E-Sales CONQUEST e-mail marketing, visit or call 877-637-1212.