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The Future is here – This is one you won’t want to miss!

4 Minutes can change the way you market and sell vehicles forever.  

Redefining Automotive Marketing!



STOP paying for impressions, ads, clicks, ad words, reach, frequency, spots, re-targeting, ect! 

• Positioning your dealership to be “FIRST” in the Customer Journey

• Replacing Legacy media with YOUR one-to-one digital message

• Performance Based Acquisition and Retained Sales

• Harness Big Data – Double your sales

• Integration of digital and legacy media from a different angle.

• How to capture the estimated 40% of traffic now coming from mobile devices.

• Maximizing your closing rates on the 1.2 customer showroom visits

• Millennials and your future growth

20% of the dealers nationwide to own 60% of the market!

Every day, dealers are hoping to hit the jackpot. But let’s face it…you’re playing against the house — the ad company. What do we mean? The ad company gets paid whether you move metal or not!  If half worked…3 billion of that went to the house and not to selling cars.  That’s not how we roll!

Six Billion on direct mail, display ads, email, TV, radio, newspaper…all used to get people into the dealership to buy cars. OK, SO which ones are producing a ROI and which are costing you money?

We believe that marketing should do three things:

  • First, get you a return on dollars spent.
  • Second, deliver sales today
  • Third, create a huge competitive advantage for you tomorrow.

That’s where WE come in.

We GUARANTEE sales results, daily ROI and deliver “the future” to your doorstep today and for many years to come.

One hundred percent of the money you invest with us SELLS CARS. Period.


With us, it’s like playing blackjack with ALL the cards face up…ALL the time. Now the odds are in your favor, not the house, and you CAN NEVER lose the hand! You sell cars or get your money back!

PLUS, our technology provides you a massive competitive advantage.

We watch the activity of 30 MILLION Americans every month. Every article they read. Every video they watch. We reach them across 97 percent of Internet-connected devices. We know where they go…what they do…and when they are in the market…often before they do. We harness technology for you to reach customers everywhere…online or offline.

Over time we map out your entire market. As your market share grows, your competitors’ WILL shrink. WITH THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY, twenty percent of dealers will control 60 percent of the market in 3 to 5 years.

The 60 percent can be you…or your competitor.

The early innovators here will dominate!


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