Client Command

How many extra sales do you need each month?

Client Command Can Deliver, Guaranteed.

If you’re not enhancing your advertising strategies with data-centric marketing insights, you’re missing customers. Using the industry’s most powerful online behavior mapping technology combined with our proprietary dealership InteliprofileTM advanced audience identification solutions, Client Command® identifies and tracks in-market car shoppers, 24/7, to find exactly which individuals are the absolute best prospects for your dealership’s monthly conquest & retained vehicle sales needs.

Client Command® marketing technology is so intelligent, we can determine personally identifiable information about each customer prospect, exactly what vehicle they’re in-market to purchase, the price point they’re shopping, and predict when they’re likely to act.

Powered with this intelligence, we focus our sights on reaching the exact customers your dealership needs each month. Because we know who your ideal customers are and what they’re shopping for, we quickly & efficiently connect with each individual target with multi-channel media across their connected devices and in their home to drive higher engagement, showroom visits, and sales.

Its as easy as 1-2-3 and in less than 15 minutes you too can see how to change the game forever!

1. Big Data – 60 Minutes 4:33

2. Revolutionizing Automotive Marketing 3:47

3. Meet Dan and Jenny 3:32

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  • Create immediate car sales today & a sustainable competitive advantage to control your market.
  • Reach in-market conquest car buyers who are ready to buy right now.
  • Track your entire market’s online shopping behavior & connect with car buyers before your competition.
  • Make your advertising efforts more predictable & efficient by knowing who your best customer prospects are & how to reach them.
  • Integrate your advertising with your DMS to understand the true ROI of your efforts.
  • Achieve guaranteed results. Only pay for the units we help you sell.